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As most of you know, I'm a TV watcher.  I know some people aren't, and I respect that.  I didn't watch TV until I got out of college, really.  Anyway, thought I'd keep track here of what I'm going to be/am watching this fall.

(In order of premiere dates)

Warehouse 13 - This started this summer.  I have been watching it.  It's definitely not perfect, but it's fun to watch.  I've enjoyed the relationships they've set up on the show and I am a teeny bit intrigued by the whole Artie thing.  We'll see if I keep watching.

Project Runway - This is a must-watch for me.  I've enjoyed the first few episodes and can't decide on a designer I like yet.  I'm not sold on "Models of the Runway" yet.  It's a little too "like, totally, like, all the time, like yeah" for me.  (was that clear?)  

Glee - Just watched the premiere.  This show is a show choir girl's dream.  I will keep watching.  But, I have to dvr it and watch it when my husband is not in the house.  He refuses to even listen to it.

Vampire Diaries - OK, I probably won't watch any more of this...well, maybe.  I also just watched this premiere, and it wasn't top-notch.  It's not horrible, but it's not great.  I'm pretty sure it'll probably stay on the air, but the only good thing about it that I saw was Ian Somerhalder, who is playing a pretty traditional vampire bad-guy.  And, Ian as a bad guy = pretty good.  I dunno, we'll see.

Community - (Sept 17, on NBC) I do want to check this out.  I am an adjunct instructor in a community college.  It seems like mandatory viewing for me.

Fringe - (Sept 17 on Fox) Can't wait for the season premiere.  Liked where the show was heading last season.  :)

The Office - (Sept 17 on NBC) EEEE, the Office!  I just got into this last year thanks to a friend and their DVDs.  I can't wait.

Castle - (Sept 21 on ABC) Yay Nathan! It's a cute show and isn't too heady.  Love the relationship between him and his daughter.  I recommend following Castle on Twitter.

Heroes - (Sept 21 on NBC) Yes, I'm still watching Heroes.  I am going to buckle down and hope for the best this season.

Dollhouse - (Sept 25 on Fox) Still haven't seen Epitaph One.  Will download it when I can.  I can't afford the DVD right now, but hope someone will get it for me for xmas.  :)

V - (Nov 3 on ABC) Yep, I'm going to check this out.  Thought I'd give it a chance.  We'll see... Haven't seen the original series, so it'll all be really new for me.

Yay for the DVR.  :)

Any I should be watching?  Opinions?  Let me know! :)


closing on house

We just got back from our closing.  We signed a lot of papers and heard a lot of big words and now it's done.  We wait now until the money from the bank goes through, then it's our house.  :D

So, tonight (when we finally get the "keys"), tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday, we'll be cleaning and painting.  Saturday and Sunday, we'll probably move a bunch of boxes over.  Monday, we won't be able to do much, because husband's got to work, but Tuesday, we'll do our big move.  The rest of the week will be spent cleaning our rental and arranging/unpacking. 

We've got ourselves a house.  Check that out...whoa.


fashion show

Watching the finale of The Fashion Show.

cut for spoilers...if you care....Collapse )



Someone at Snickers a fan of Nathan Fillion?  :)

Seen in the Twin Cities at the end of June.


Spike packing

Here's Spike, packing for our trip up north!


i remember


The Fashion Show - Bravo

I DVR'd and watched the premiere of The Fashion Show tonight, Bravo's replacement for Project Runway.  The first thing about it was that it felt really really rushed even though it was a 75 minute show.  I felt like I didn't know the candidates very well.  Did I miss an "about us" show?  Another thing (and this is about all these kind of shows), the product placement is way too blatant.  I honestly don't mind a little product placement.  These things help keep the show on the air.  But, the hair and make up people shot of them asking for the "Tresemme holding spray" or whatever...WAY too contrived. 

The first challenge was to make a little black dress out of a t-shirt.  Ok, sounds good.  Some of the designers' dresses were SO BAD.  Ugh.  I actually did like the concept of the purpley-black one, but none of the others liked it, so I'm thinking I might have missed something (because they showed it so freaking fast!) in the overall design.  I actually liked Johnny R.'s and was glad he was one of the winners.  So, they broke up into 3 teams and had to come up with a "must have" item and put it with 5 different looks.  The bolero jacket was a good idea.  I'd want one.  The harem pants, um no.  The tube skirt/dress, UM NO!  I really liked James-Paul's dress.  So sculpted and interesting.  I liked how it looked on the runway.  The only thing I didn't like was the back.  It looked like she had a tail.  

The contestants...I'm not sure yet.  I'm annoyed by Daniella already and Merlin is...contradictive too much.  Eh, we'll see what happens.  I think I'll tune in tomorrow, but I'm not sure how long they'll keep me watching if I don't know the contestants very well.  I can't root for one if I don't know their style.  Isaac said, "I've seen all your portfolios and I know you can do better" (or something like that).  Well, I want to see them, too! 



I finally made up that summer dress today.  It just took me an afternoon.  Quick and easy to do!  I tried it on was too big!  I think I'm shrinking!  LOL!  So, I'm going to try just taking it in by the zipper.  If that doesn't work, I'll have to take it in on the sides as well (and that's a lot of seam-ripping that I'd rather not do).  Anyway, the dress is really cute, but I might need to get a different bra for it.  Pictures when it's done!

Had a nice Sunday.  Played that wedding yesterday.  It was at a botanical garden.  It was SOOooo windy.  We had major clothespin clipping!  And that caused problems when we had to switch from one piece to the next quickly.  The pastor was so behind.  He had troubles.  Ah well.  I got paid.


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